The Iran deal at one year: Reality vs. the promises

To mark the first anniversary of President Obama’s deal with Iran, the folks at the Foreign Policy Initiative have just published a comprehensive compilation of promises vs. results. It’s a devastating roundup. (more...)

Reps. Discuss Benghazi Report in Scathing Weekly Republican Address

In this week's Republican address, select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.), and Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Ind.) discussed the final report released by House Republicans earlier this week (more...)

Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Don’t Have An ‘Optics’ Problem, They Have A Corruption Problem

Attorney General Loretta Lynch tells us that her meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private jet on the Phoenix airport’s tarmac was “primarily social”—you know, just the two Democrats swapping stories about their grandkids and wha (more...)

Megyn Kelly’s ‘Terror in America’ Preview Hits Hard at Radical Islam: ‘Grab the Snake by the Head and Kill It’

Megyn Kelly's "Terror in America" special set for Friday night features a panel of terror attack survivors and first responders, notably those from Fort Hood and Orlando, as well as members of the Muslim community (more...)

Memo: Clinton State Department Thought Huma Abedin-Connected Saudi Group Funded Terror

This revelation shows that while Huma Abedin was serving at the highest level of government as Hillary Clinton’s aide and had access to this information, Abedin also had a direct connection to a group that was actively suspected of (more...)

Conservatives Impatient With House Leadership on Impeaching IRS Chief

Conservatives’ campaign to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has yielded hearings but little else. As the congressional calendar slips by, some accuse House Republican leaders of dragging their feet on the issue.   (more...)

Hillary’s Big Money Super PAC Takes Big Illegal Donations. They’re Likely to Get Away With It.

A new review into the donations accepted by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s super PAC found that it has accepted more than $200,000 — in illegal contributions.   (more...)

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3 Takeaways From the SCOTUS Ruling on Abortion

As you’re probably aware, earlier this week the Supreme Court came down with its most important ruling on abortion in years. The ruling struck down a law out of Texas which required (more...)

Krauthammer Blasts Obama’s ‘Unbelievable Air of Indifference’ to Benghazi Attacks

Charles Krauthammer joined a panel of guests Tuesday night on Fox News' "Special Report With Bret Baier" to discuss the newly released House report on the 2012 Benghazi attack and labeled the U.S. government's failure to act (more...)

Hillary Clinton outspends Trump on ads $26m to $0 – campaign live

Hello and welcome to our live-wire coverage of the 2016 race for the White House. A new Quinnipiac poll has the presidential race neck-and-neck, with Hillary Clinton at 42% and Donald Trump at 40% (more...)

Americans Are Losing Confidence In The Supreme Court

Americans are beginning to lose confidence in the Supreme Court. Traditionally, the court has been unique among our political institutions in that Americans tend to have more confidence in it than they do in Congress or the presidency. (more...)

Liberals Are Trying Hard to Tarnish Reagan’s Legacy

Liberals leap to put down Ronald Reagan even when they are writing about someone else. They simply cannot accept that Reagan was one of the most successful and remains one of the most popular presidents in American history.   (more...)

Democrats Just Got Blasted for ‘Brazen Attempt’ to Use Gun Control Sit-In as Fundraising Stunt

Democrats took to the House floor last week, promising to have a “sit-in” until given a vote on gun control. Now, one reporter is calling it out as a “stunt” that was a “brazen attempt to make headlines.” (more...)

Univ. of North Carolina Hides Microaggressions List from Public After Conservative Media Reports

Following a report at Breitbart along with other conservative media outlets, the University of North Carolina has removed their controversial post on microaggressions from the public eye. (more...)

Liberals Shouldn’t Complain About ‘Paranoia And Fear.’ They Perfected It.

One my favorite panicky post-Brexit talking points comes from liberals who feel the need to warn Americans about the hazards of emotional appeals in a democracy. It goes something like this:   (more...)

#FeelTheByrne: Secret Service Agent’s Expose Of Hillary Clinton Set To Rock 2016 Campaign

A new trailer highlighting the media coverage of the forthcoming expose on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s time as an irate First Lady to former President Bill Clinton shows viewers how much (more...)

The Iran deal dirty tricks never end

Last week’s revelation that ex-Ambassador Thomas Pickering pushed the Iran nuke deal while secretly working for Boeing makes you wonder: Were any of the deal’s backers not paid for their support? (more...)

Attack Ad Campaign Targets PA. Senator Who Voted to Block Planned Parenthood

Two pro-choice groups teamed up to launch an ad campaign this week attacking pro-life Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) over his consistent opposition of projects and organizations that fund abortion. (more...)

Why Americans Shouldn’t Freak Out About Brexit

There is only one proper, appropriate, and fruitful response to Brexit, and that is to chill. But deep—or not so deep—inside too many Brexit critics is a repressed desire to freak. Although we should all stage an exit of our own (more...)

Paul Ryan Under Pressure to Outflank Democrats, Not Just Scold Them

A visibly irritated Speaker Paul Ryan chastised Democrats on Thursday morning for hijacking the House floor, and promised to bring the legislature back to regular order shortly. (more...)

Clinton Email Scandal: State Dept. Disabled Its Own Security Systems To Accommodate Hillary

Not only did Hillary Clinton's unsecured private email system risk exposing sensitive and at times highly classified information to outsiders, it forced the State Department to compromise its own security to accommodate her. (more...)

With Rubio in, others step out in Florida’s Senate race

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Republican Sen. Marco Rubio's decision to run for president set off a scramble to replace him. His last minute decision to run for re-election set off a scramble (more...)

Facebook to Provide ‘Political Bias’ Training for Employees

Facebook is adding a training program for its employees to address concerns that the company has a bias against conservatives.   (more...)