Hemingway: The Media Needs To Ask Hillary Tougher Questions

Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway appeared on Fox News’ “Happening Now” to explain how the media has been incapable of covering the election fairly.   (more...)

Trump Crushes Hillary Clinton Among Military and Veteran Voters, According to This New NBC Poll

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton among active duty and veterans of the military, according to a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll.   (more...)

The Clintons just can’t shake their addiction to cash

With Nov. 8 just 62 days off, Bill Clinton must be working overtime to rake in last-minute pay-to-play deals via the family foundation. Why else, after all, would Hillary tell ABC that her hubby (more...)

Over 9000 Gov’t Buildings Forced into Compliance as Obama ‘Transgender Bathroom Mandate’ Takes Effect

For years, the debate over transgender bathroom access has sparked controversy across the United States.  Earlier in 2016, President Obama’s directive that every public school district in the country would be expected (more...)

Senate braces for shutdown fight

Lawmakers are returning to Washington to confront an impasse over funding bills. (more...)

Reid: Dems will block long-term spending bill

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid warned Thursday that Democrats will block any temporary federal spending bill that extends beyond December 2016. (more...)

Leaked Memo Shows What Democrats Really Think of Black Lives Matter

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is in hot water after a memo leak about how they tried to limit the influence of Black Lives Matter.   (more...)

The Nuclear Option: If Bill Clinton Had a Son, He Would Look Like Anthony Weiner

Before you shed a tear for Hillary Clinton — ensnared yet again in a web spun by the Vast Alt-Right Wing Conspiracy — remember this: There is no “femme” without “fatale.” There is no martyr without sacrifice. (more...)

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Of Course Decisions Clinton Made on Behalf of Foundation Donors Was Just Coincidence

This is getting tedious. Every day more evidence appears showing that Hillary Clinton lied or broke laws and every time we are told: “It can’t be proven.”  Perhaps, but some things need no proof. (more...)

Why the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable

For years, ObamaCare supporters have been telling critics of the law to shut up and fall in line. Now, they are urging them to come to its rescue. A key part of President Obama’s domestic legacy is sputtering so badly (more...)

Dear Colin Kaepernick: You’re Not Oppressed. You’re Spoiled.

Colin Kaepernick is a mediocre NFL quarterback who makes millions of dollars a year playing a game. He is among the many black or biracial Americans who’ve risen from unfortunate circumstances to enjoy the kind of wealth (more...)

Louisiana’s Toughest Cop Lays Into Obama for Playing Golf While His State Floods

On Tuesday, President Obama arrived in Louisiana to address the horrific flooding that has killed 13 and destroyed over 60,000 homes. (more...)

Was The Clinton Foundation Behind Shady Middle Eastern Arms Deals?

Shortly after then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with the crown prince of Bahrain, a Clinton Foundation donor, the United States sold his country a ton of arms.   (more...)

Health Care Is a Business, Not a Right

Even nationalized systems have to decide what is worth paying for and how much to pay. (more...)

Another email dump, more proof of Clinton Inc. sleaze

So much for Hillary Clinton’s claim to have handed in all of her work emails: Turns out the FBI found another 14,900 — meaning she “missed” at least a third of what the law required her to fork over. (more...)

There’s No Way I’ll Send My Kids To Public School To Be Brainwashed By The LGBT Lobby

It’s been announced that schools in Charlotte will no longer be using the terms “boy” and “girl.” They’ve adopted a new gender fluid policy that allows students to be whatever gender they prefer. (more...)

Should Olympic Medalists Pay Taxes on Their Winnings?

"If I win a car I am taxed on that, aren't I?" one Beltway denizen tells PJM. (more...)

Congress Receives ‘Heavily Redacted’ FBI Notes From Clinton Interview

Members of Congress recently received the FBI’s notes from the agency's July 2 interview with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state (more...)

Remember When Tim Kaine Said Cheating Politicians Like Bill Clinton Should Resign?

Tim Kaine is Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential nominee, and he’s been saying nice things about her husband, former President Bill Clinton.  But he once had harsh words for cheating politicians.   (more...)

Coming to an ObamaCare market near you: fewer plans, higher costs

On Tuesday, Aetna announced it’s canceling its ObamaCare plans in nearly all states. Count on other major insurers to back out soon as well. When open enrollment starts Nov. 1, the public will see they’re going to have few plans (more...)

Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet

Donald Trump has said publicly that he fears the next election will be rigged. Based both on technical capability and recent history, Trump's concerns are not unfounded. (more...)

Intel Confirms ISIS Hid Among Refugee Hordes Flooding Europe

In Germany last week, the vice president of Bavaria’s intelligence-gathering agency, Manfred Hauser, announced ISIS “hit squads” had entered Europe with the flood of migrants that came across the borders (more...)

Voter Fraud Battles Heat Up in Sudden Swing State of Georgia

Two complaints of vote buying, four complaints of felons voting or registering to vote, and a voter registration under the name of a dead person are among the matters Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office is reviewing. (more...)

While America Piles on Trump Over Khans, 2 Benghazi Parents Sue Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is in hot water with Americans for what he said about the parents of fallen Army Capt. Humayun Khan, but now Hillary Clinton faces problems of her own.   (more...)

Paris is surrendering its streets to terror

This weekend, New Yorkers enjoyed their first of three Summer Streets weekends. Saturday, the city closed Park Avenue to cars, letting walkers and bikers take over. (more...)