FDA Votes To Recommend Pfizer Vaccine For Emergency Use

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted Thursday to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for emergency use and mass distribution. (more...)

By tapping Susan Rice, Biden embraced worst corruption of Obama years

In his latest effort to refill the swamp with Obama administration lackeys, President-elect Joe Biden has tapped former National Security Adviser Susan Rice to lead his White House ­Domestic Policy Council. Really, Joe? Rice, who was on ( (more...)

Surprised by Hunter Biden criminal probe? Blame media collusion

“Collusion” was perhaps the media’s favorite word these past four years, even when it wasn’t true. But you know what real collusion looks like? It’s when left-leaning media, that is the media in general, decide en masse that somet (more...)

GOP Establishment Will Learn About Tech Censors the Hard Way

The leaders of the GOP, who spent years paying mere lip service to their voters’ concerns about Big Tech censorship, are about to discover the consequences of that inaction — the hard way. 2020 is the most disputed election in l (more...)

Report: Feds Had Evidence of Joe Biden’s Burisma Meeting Since Impeachment Inquiry

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly had evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden met with an executive from Burisma introduced by his son, Hunter, since the week in December 2019 when the House impeached the presid (more...)

Trump to participate in NBC town hall on Thursday, competing with Biden event

President Trump will participate in an NBC News town hall held outdoors in Miami on Thursday, the network announced, setting up an evening of competing events featuring the incumbent president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden... (more...)

Amy Coney Barrett Denounces Vile Attacks On Her Adopted Children 

'They are my children who we love and who we brought home and made part of our family,' Barrett said, 'and accusations like that are cruel.' (more...)

Democrats can’t ‘Kavanaugh’ unflappable Justice-to-be Amy Coney Barrett

They came, they questioned and they got nothing. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for Democrats. Almost. With a history of vicious misbehavior and the political calendar limiting their ability to smear Amy Coney Barrett, Dems on (more...)

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GOP senators find Hunter Biden’s work for Ukraine company interfered with Obama-era policy

Two Senate Republican chairmen on Wednesday released findings from their months-long investigation into the Bidens, arguing that Hunter Biden's work for a Ukraine gas company "did interfere with the efficient execution" of... (more…) (more...)

CBS News Poll Showing Close Presidential Race in Texas Oversampled Democrats

A CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday that shows President Donald Trump leading Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden by just two points in Texas significantly oversampled Democrats. (more…) (more...)

The Democrats’ Long History of Trying to Pack the Supreme Court

Rep. Joe Kennedy III, Democrat of Massachusetts, got right to the point when he tweeted on September 19, “If he holds a vote in 2020, we pack the court in 2021. It’s that simple.” Kennedy was saying that if Donald Trump nominates a (m (more...)

Tish James’ endless anti-Trump suits betray the AG’s mission

As the chief legal officers of our states, attorneys general possess a tremendous power to shape public opinion and make official decisions that can affect the outcomes of cases. Regardless of party affiliation, when it comes to exercising (more...)

Boehner on SCOTUS Vacancy: ‘The Constitution Is Pretty Clear’ — ‘This Is Not Like Reinventing the Wheel Here’

Tuesday, during an interview that aired on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) made the case President Donald Trump, and the U.S. Senate should proceed to fill the U.S. (more...)

Media Will Try To Personally Destroy Trump Nominee, Just Like Kavanaugh

If we learned anything from Brett Kavanaugh, it's that if it's up to the media, there's no way the nominee's character makes it out of the next 42 days alive. (more…) (more...)

New York’s Democratic Socialists want a revolution — but does anyone else?

Fresh off of surprising upset victories in this summer’s Democratic primaries for state Assembly and Senate, the city’s Democratic Socialists are targeting the City Council primaries next year, when 35 of the 51 seats will be wi (more...)

Pelosi’s hair-pocrisy reflects Dems’ hypocrisy

It’s hard not to relish in the schadenfreude of Nancy Pelosi being caught on security camera, with wet hair, bare feet and no mask, indulging in an illicit private hair-salon experience in San Francisco. She violated coronavirus health (more...)

Jacob Blake Sr. Has Long History of Racist, Antisemitic, Anti-Christian Posts; Set to Meet Joe Biden

Note from management: The fact that Jacob Blake’s father appears to have a long history of bigoted social media posts has no bearing on questions surrounding his son’s shooting by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Nevertheless, (more...)

Conway says even more ‘hidden, undercover’ Trump voters will help him win reelection

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway warned that there are more "hidden" supporters of President Trump who will boost him during his reelection bid in November. "The person who coined th... (more...)

Madison Cawthorn: ‘I’d Like to Be the Face of Healthcare Reform for the Republican Party’

“I’d like to be the face of healthcare reform for the Republican Party,” said Madison Cawthorn, the Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, in an interview on Wednesday’s edition of (more...)

Team Cuomo’s latest ridiculous nursing-home-death dodge

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Health Department has no shame — not over its deadly March 25 order forcing nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients, and not in stonewalling anyone looking to learn how many lives that mandate cost. Th (more...)

Senate GOP divided over whether they’d fill Supreme Court vacancy 

Senate Republicans are conflicted about what to do if a Supreme Court seat becomes vacant during the remainder of President Trump's first term, a possibility that has come more into focus in recent weeks in light of Justi... (more...)

BLM Demands Cut of Louisville Business Profits for Protection

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters issued “social justice” and “black liberation” demands regarding “diversity” to a restaurant owner in Louisville, KY, including a directive for “donations” (more...)

A Joe Biden presidency would be a disaster for our schools

Joe Biden sent his own children to an elite private school, and parades as the Black Lives Matter candidate, yet his policies are openly hostile to the educational choices that offer the best chance for minority advancement. The Biden-Berni (more...)

Barr Scorches Media Lies: ‘Peaceful Protesters Do Not Throw Explosives Into Federal Courthouses’

In a searing testimony, Barr called out politicians, and identified his debunking of the Russiagate story as the real reason for accusations against him. (more…) (more...)

GOP’s relief package hits wall in talks with Schumer, Pelosi

The $1 trillion coronavirus relief package unveiled Monday by the White House and Senate Republicans is being dismissed as a non-starter by Democrats, setting the stage for lengthy negotiations as various federal as... (more…) (more...)