Trump’s White House press shop intends to change status quo

While previous White House communications staffs have been hierarchical, Trump’s four appointees will each be an "assistant

Kissinger calls Trump a ‘phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen’

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said in an interview Sunday that President-elect Donald Trump could go down in hist

Harvard professor says 20 GOP voters may flip against Trump

Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig said Tuesday that 20 Republican Electoral College voters are considering flippi

Nate Silver: Clinton ‘almost certainly’ would’ve won before FBI letter

Hillary Clinton would likely have been elected to the White House if not for FBI Director James Comey's October letter to Con

Judge refuses to end Wisconsin recount: report

Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by more than 22,000 votes in the state on Election Day.  Wisc

Schumer threatens filibuster if Trump doesn’t pick ‘mainstream’ court candidate

Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Trump should pick a "mainstream" candidate for the Supreme Court.

Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party

A ferocious struggle has erupted on the left over the smoldering remains of the Democratic Party.

Clinton drops below 270 in CNN electoral map

The projection gives Clinton 268 electoral votes from states listed as solid or likely wins.

Hillary’s emails matter: A retired CIA officer explains why

The 2016 presidential election, already one of the wildest in American history, has been rocked by the announcement that the

ObamaCare hikes leave Dems exposed

Democrats are increasingly acknowledging that it has an affordability problem.

Breitbart escalates war on Paul Ryan

The site is accusing Ryan of a "months-long campaign to elect Hillary Clinton."

Lobbyists rain down cash on Clinton

From July through September, 62 lobbyists raised $11 million for Clinton.

Leaked memo shows Clinton was provided questions ahead of interview

The memo shows Clinton's staff coordinated with Steve Harvey's show before her appearance.

Obama vetoes 9/11 bill

Congress is expected to try to override the veto.

Senate Democrats block defense funding bill for third time

Lawmakers have weeks to get a government funding deal.

Senate braces for shutdown fight

Lawmakers are returning to Washington to confront an impasse over funding bills.

Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet

Donald Trump has said publicly that he fears the next election will be rigged. Based both on technical capability and recent

Frustration mounts over ObamaCare co-op failures

A new wave of failures is disrupting coverage for thousands and raising new questions.

Trump up in battleground states after convention, leads Clinton

Trump gained 2 points across 11 battleground states.

Democrats ‘freaked out’ about polls in meeting with Clinton

"Some people were freaked out," says one senator who attended the meeting.

Wikileaks publishes Clinton war emails

WikiLeaks tweeted a link to 1,258 emails from her time as secretary of State.

After delay, Clinton IT aide to testify in email case

Bryan Pagliano has said he will plead the Fifth during his deposition, planned for this week.

Poll: Clinton’s lead over Trump slipping since Orlando

Clinton's edge over Trump has dropped 3.6 points since Sunday's mass shooting.