The Memo: Biden tries to flip the script on taxes

President Biden's plan to increase taxes on wealthy Americans is reigniting one of the fiercest divides in politics - how muc

Trump looking ‘beyond seriously’ at 2024 run

Former President Trump in an interview broadcast late Monday teased a run for the White House in 2024 but declined to give a

NY Times beclowns itself by normalizing court-packing ‘to balance the conservative majority’

Not since before the 78-year-old Biden was born has any president even considered adding seats to the Supreme Court.

Bill Clinton leaves big influence on Team Biden

When former President Bill Clinton wanted to relay a message about what Joe Biden should say during a victory speech on Super

Cuomo biographer: ‘Predatory behavior’ has been ‘evident for years’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) reporter and biographer Michael Shnayerson on Saturday alleged that Cuomo has has a history of

Maher: US ‘lost’ to China, too focused on ‘woke competition’ and ‘lizard people’

Comedian and late-night host Bill Maher said the United States has "lost" to China in the "battle for the 21st century." Dur

Senate GOP gets short-lived win on unemployment fight

Senate Republicans are getting what's expected to be a short-lived win in a fight over unemployment benefits in Democrats' ne

DC honeymoon period for Biden comes to a quick end

It's been a very short honeymoon period for President Biden.Three of Biden's nominees are facing stiff resistance. Legislativ

McConnell doesn’t rule out getting involved in Republican primaries

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) didn't rule out getting involved in the Republican primaries for the 2022 midt

Petition seeking Romney censure circulating among Utah Republicans

A petition is being circulated among Utah Republicans on social media to censure Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) for his vote to co

Cancel culture comes for the moderates

In the history of cancel culture, it's hard to find a case where, after an inappropriate firing, an employer had the courage

Here are the executive actions Biden will take this week

Joe Biden will spend the second week of his presidency in much the same way he spent his first: signing a slew of executive a

Twitter temporarily suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene over ‘multiple’ policy violations

Twitter said Sunday that it had temporarily suspended the personal account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-Ga.) following

Trump denies NYT story on Pence, Electoral College

President Trump on Tuesday night denied a story in The New York Times that Vice President Pence informed him he does not have

Pelosi names House Democratic leaders for Electoral College debate

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) named four lawmakers to serve as the Democratic leaders in the House ahead of the expected de

Democrats see stimulus checks as winning issue in Georgia runoffs

Stimulus checks have emerged as a key issue in the runoffs for two Senate seats in Georgia that will determine which party co

Hunter Biden twist brings new problems for president-elect

News that Hunter Biden is facing a Justice Department investigation into his finances has breathed fresh life into a story th

Barr knew about federal probes into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings in spring: WSJ

Attorney General William Barr was aware of federal investigations into President-elect Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden before th

Trump to participate in NBC town hall on Thursday, competing with Biden event

President Trump will participate in an NBC News town hall held outdoors in Miami on Thursday, the network announced, setting

GOP senators find Hunter Biden’s work for Ukraine company interfered with Obama-era policy

Two Senate Republican chairmen on Wednesday released findings from their months-long investigation into the Bidens, arguing t

Conway says even more ‘hidden, undercover’ Trump voters will help him win reelection

Former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway warned that there are more "hidden" supporters of President Trump who will boos

Senate GOP divided over whether they’d fill Supreme Court vacancy 

Senate Republicans are conflicted about what to do if a Supreme Court seat becomes vacant during the remainder of President T

GOP’s relief package hits wall in talks with Schumer, Pelosi

The $1 trillion coronavirus relief package unveiled Monday by the White House and Senate Republicans is being dismissed as a

Republicans fear Trump might be too successful with attacks on mail-in voting

GOP strategists around the country are concerned that President Trump's vocal opposition to mail-in voting is resonating with

Supreme Court DACA decision a win for Trump

The Supreme Court's DACA decision is seen as a huge political loss for President Trump. It is anything but.