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Former RNC Chairman Criticizes GOP ‘Spending Spree’ Under Trump as ‘Bad Politics’

"Now because you have a Republican president, Republican House and Senate, you want to go on a spending spree? I don't know h

Mattis: Iran Mucking Around in Iraqi Elections with Lots of Cash

"We don't like it in our country, when it happened, Germany doesn't want it their country, and we don't want to see it in Ira

Haley: UN Council Will Not Survive if Russia Not Held Accountable for UK Poison Attack

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley declared Wednesday that the credibility of the UN Security Council "will not survive if

How Tillerson Could Push Gasoline Prices Higher

If Venezuela's economy collapses, and with it the oil business, then expect oil prices to jump by as much as $10 a barrel.

Haley Says UN Job is About Having Absolutely No Patience for Bullying

"You don't pick on someone just because they look differently than you, you don't pick on someone just because they think dif

Trump’s 25 Percent Steel Tariff Puts GOP Lawmakers, Markets on Edge

Union bosses happy with president's "level playing field" announcement; top economic adviser reportedly tried to stop Trump.

Greenspan: We’re Underestimating the Impact of Trump Corporate Tax Cut

Former Fed chairman says how much trust people should place in U.S. financial institutions and the dollar right now "depends

Mattis: Service Members Need to be Deployable or Find Another Job

"If you can't go overseas ... carry a combat load, then obviously someone else has got to go. I want this spread fairly and e

Mattis: Israel Doesn’t Have to Wait Until Their Citizens are Dying to Strike Iran Targets

Defense secretary says U.S. had no involvement "on a military basis" in Israeli operation responding to Iranian drone in thei

Elizabeth Warren on Medicare: ‘Taxpayers Have Helped Make Insurance Companies Wildly Profitable’

“Private insurance companies are failing the American people... Here’s the good news: government sets the rules and gover

State Grapples with Whether Bidding War for Amazon is Good for Georgia

Economists push “Non-Aggression Pact” for Amazon HQ2 bidding as lawmaker warns promises made will have to be kept.

Pelosi calls Nunes a ‘Stooge for the White House’

"I have seen most of the underlying documents – I can tell you that the memo that they reference is a misrepresentation,”

Bundle Up the Economy and Brace for Colder Winters

You’re gonna need a thicker sweater. Either that, or a fatter bank balance. Why? For the foreseeable future, we are likely

A Nation of Junkies? Study Eschews Economic Despair Opioid Theory

Drug deaths are way higher among whites despite the fact that minorities often face harsher economic problems.

Democrats Accuse GOP of Blocking Efforts to Prevent Russian Interference

House Democratic leaders criticized congressional Republicans for not doing enough to prevent Russian interference in the upc

Rubio Says Cuba Knows Truth about Sonic Attacks

There is no doubt that the Cuban government conducted or was aware of the 2017 sonic attacks on U.S. diplomats in Havana, Sen

Health Insurance Premiums Rising as High as 265% This Year

Democratic leaders in Congress such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have attributed the sharp 2018 premium i

Democratic Senator: Like Obamacare, GOP Tax Bill Will be ‘Hard to Sustain Politically’

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) described the Republican tax reform bill as similar to Obamacare because it was passed along partis

Bernie Sanders to Trump: Open Up NAFTA Negotiations to ‘Working People’

“Our demand? Open the doors. Let working people in. The renegotiation of NAFTA must be done in the open. It must include st

California, New York Lead State-by-State Net Neutrality Drive

First, it was a Democrat in California. Then a Democrat in New York followed suit. Now, the Chicago Sun-Times hopes to find

Unexplained Erosion at State Dept. Putting U.S. at Risk, Argues Top Senator

The ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee charged Wednesday that there's been "a slow, unexplained erosion

North Koreans Tell Congress About Escaping from Kim’s Hellish Regime

"The Kim regime is carrying out crimes against humanity in North Korea, and it is only a miracle that people survive."

Pelosi Demands DACA Fix Before Reign of Terror Sweeps Up DREAMers

Pelosi "optimistic" on a deal to save Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals beneficiaries because "God is with us on this."

Congressman: Is U.S. Serious About Going After Iranian Airline Shuttling Weapons, Terrorists?

Mahan Air has been designated as a terrorist organization, given its support to the Assad regime in Syria. The airline, which

Christie: Opioids Causing 9/11-Scale Tragedy Every 17 Days

“If a terrorist organization was killing 175 Americans a day on American soil, what would we do to stop them?” governor t