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Want to know who’s going to win the election? Keep an eye on this swing state

Pennsylvania has become America’s home for peculiar politics. On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan came to the batt

How the nuke deal is funding Iran’s darkest forces

Even the Iran deal’s most ardent supporters are beginning to suspect it won’t mellow the mullahs. Alas, that’s not the

Lester Holt shows he doesn’t know the meaning of impartial

The ref not only made himself part of the game on Monday night, he ran up to the scrimmage line, then sacked the quarterback

‘Hillary’s Coverup Operation’: Bombshell emails from her IT geeks

In an important scoop in Sunday’s Post, Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein revealed a host of bombshells from internal emails

The lies told by the Black Lives Matter movement

The Black Lives Matter movement has been feted repeatedly at the White House and honored at the Democratic National Conventio

The Clintons just can’t shake their addiction to cash

With Nov. 8 just 62 days off, Bill Clinton must be working overtime to rake in last-minute pay-to-play deals via the family f

Why the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable

For years, ObamaCare supporters have been telling critics of the law to shut up and fall in line. Now, they are urging them t

Another email dump, more proof of Clinton Inc. sleaze

So much for Hillary Clinton’s claim to have handed in all of her work emails: Turns out the FBI found another 14,900 — me

Coming to an ObamaCare market near you: fewer plans, higher costs

On Tuesday, Aetna announced it’s canceling its ObamaCare plans in nearly all states. Count on other major insurers to back

Paris is surrendering its streets to terror

This weekend, New Yorkers enjoyed their first of three Summer Streets weekends. Saturday, the city closed Park Avenue to cars

As the US economy slows even more, Hillary has no answers

Just hours after Hillary Clinton promised to give the nation more Obamanomics if she wins the White House, the Commerce Depar

Email dump has Democrats in chaos — and worse may be ahead

The Clinton campaign and its allies spent Monday desperately trying to divert attention from their latest e-mail disaster by

Did de Blasio learn his funny-money games at the Clinton’s knees?

When it comes to sleazy fund-raising, Mayor de Blasio plainly learned plenty from the Clintons. In May, the mayor spent nearl

Hillary’s war on Medicare is big trouble for seniors

Hillary is taking a sledgehammer to Medicare. In a move calculated to fire up the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party,

Yes, the Saudi government helped the 9/11 terrorists

Now we know why the missing 28 pages on 9/11 were kept under lock and key for 15 years: They show the hijackers got help acro

Gov. Cuomo’s lame excuses for failing to create jobs

When it comes to jobs for New York, Gov. Cuomo should heed the advice about being in a hole: Step 1 — stop digging. After T

FBI just told us we’d be in bad hands with Hillary

FBI Director James Comey stood before the nation and issued a list of Hillary Clinton’s astounding wrongdoings Tuesday as r

The Iran deal at one year: Reality vs. the promises

To mark the first anniversary of President Obama’s deal with Iran, the folks at the Foreign Policy Initiative have just pub

The Iran deal dirty tricks never end

Last week’s revelation that ex-Ambassador Thomas Pickering pushed the Iran nuke deal while secretly working for Boeing make

Fast Takes: Why Hillary hates Uber, and other notable commentary of the day

From the right: Why Hillary Hates Uber You’d think “sharing” programs like Uber and Lyft would “make people of virtua

Why did the White House just humiliate Loretta Lynch?

Idiotic: That’s the only word for the Obama administration’s move to scrub references to Islam or ISIS from the transcrip

Funding terrorism — and the Clintons

In the wake of Orlando, Hillary Clinton called out Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait for “funding extremist organizations” a

Fast takes: Why the media is hated, O’s Social Security fail, and other key commentary

Fast Takes is The Post’s new roundup of notable commentary from other media. Media on media: It’s Katie Couric’s Fault