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Comey protected his ego at the expense of the FBI and the nation

It seems that by his own conception, James Comey is St. James, heavenly protector of patriotism and principle. Which is only

Inspector general’s report highlights Comey’s biggest mistake

Michael Horowitz’s report on the Clinton e-mail investigation is chock full of “whoa” moments, but it’s best to keep

RFK Jr.’s memoir leaves out important chapter — his womanizing

In his just-published memoir, Robert Kennedy Jr. writes about his family’s proud Irish Catholic heritage and the legacy of

The US must hold Palestinians responsible for terror

The long-overdue passage of the Taylor Force Act addresses a well-known fact about the Palestinian Authority that has been ov

Hollywood desperately needs to fill the hole left by ‘Roseanne’

I have never been a Roseanne Barr fan — she reinforced my instincts on July 15, 1990, when she stood in the center of Jack

Justice Department may release report on Clinton investigation

I’m hearing that the release of the report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is imminent. The repo

Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate

“F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims,” read the headline on a lengt

Will Senate Democrats hold prison reform hostage?

Will Senate Democrats like New Jersey’s Cory Booker really block a bill that gives federal inmates a second chance? By a vo

Democrats’ Russia-probe obsession isn’t helping them with the voters

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, the Democrat from Minnesota, uttered a forlorn sentiment at a Center for American Progress conference. Sh

Prison workers explain how inmates scam the system

In my last column, I let a retired New York state corrections officer tell you about a scam that has apparently been going on

Applauding the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports betting

Congratulations to New Jersey! I look forward to not betting on sports just like I currently don’t bet at casinos. As you m

Schumer, Menendez and the other Iran-deal hypocrites

Among those slamming President Trump for withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal are several members of Congress, mostly Democ

Keep killing off Obama’s foreign policy, Mr. President

Withdrawing from the Iran deal, as President Trump announced Tuesday, is a good first step toward reining in the Islamic Repu

Trump is putting the US back on top

During a recent dinner, a liberal friend gave me a shock. “I didn’t vote for Trump,” she said, “but I have to admit I

There’s a clear method to Rudy’s ‘mad’ Trump defense

Rudy Giuliani’s startling TV appearance Wednesday night on Sean Hannity’s show was immediately dismissed by social-media

The next push to soften parole: don’t make them show up

If a parolee is late for an appointment with his parole officer, or if he looks like he violated the conditions of his releas

Bernie’s jobs-for-all plan can’t possibly work

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ new big idea: Have Uncle Sam offer a $15-an-hour job (with benefits) to anyone who wants one. First qu

With marijuana on way to legalization, what vice could be next?

Four years ago, I decided to fix Atlantic City’s problems. So I suggested in this column that marijuana be legalized along

Comey’s no hero, and, why the left backs Hamas

Charles Pierce sees some parallels between James Comey and former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover on the lurid tales of the Stee

Zuckerberg totally outfoxed Congress

So Mark Zuckerberg went up to Capitol Hill this week, and while he didn’t storm and loot and pillage the place, he pretty m

What to watch for when Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress for the first time, answering questions a

Relax, your coffee won’t give you cancer

Relax, your morning (and afternoon) coffee is still safe: The California court order for cancer warnings at all coffee shops

A good day’s work in making Putin pay

Kudos to Team Trump for expelling 60 Russian “diplomats” as Washington’s part of a 21-nation response to Moscow’s che

White House shake-ups prove Trump’s putting America first

Beleaguered politicians like to complain they are too hemmed in by circumstances and handlers. If only they could throw off t

Sorry: Facebook was never ‘free’

You’ve likely spent a thousand hours or more on Facebook over the past decade. Did you think that the energy-sucking server