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Shut the down government for real border control — not for the wall

Improvisation isn’t Sen. Charles Schumer’s forte. When President Trump surprised the senator and Rep. Nancy Pelosi by bro

Debunking the lies about the First Step Act

President Trump has courageously thrown his weight behind a reform bill that will dramatically improve how we rehabilitate cr

Al Sharpton’s latest unseemly racket

Everyone agrees that National Action Network revolves around the Rev. Al Sharpton, which is what makes the nonprofit’s $531

The ‘protect Mueller’ bill is blatantly unconstitutional

Mitch McConnell just did our constitutional order an enormous favor by burying the so-called Mueller protection legislation.

Trump’s critics were dead wrong about the caravan after all

It’s been about three weeks since CNN reporter Jim Acosta repeatedly told President Trump at a news conference that the mig

Democrats need someone they don’t want in order to win in 2020

Joe Biden is a gaffe-prone 75-year old Washington veteran — who is exactly what Democrats need. The suburbs have turned aga

Macron totally missed the point when condemning nationalism

French President Macron denounced nationalism and slapped President Trump at Sunday’s ceremony on the 100th anniversary of

With Pelosi making nice, the White House press corps tries to lead The Resistance

Both House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and President Trump offered a surprising amount of conciliation and sweet talk (alb

Liberals won’t admit Trump was right about migrant caravans

On the theory that you can judge a president by his critics, Donald Trump must be hitting the bull’s-eye with his warnings

Punish the Saudis — but not by rewarding Iran

President Trump is facing his trickiest diplomatic dilemma to date: how to punish a wayward ally, Saudi Arabia, without stren

The Kavanaugh aftermath: a left that’s gone completely unhinged

Sen. Susan Collins’ long, careful speech Friday on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination ended with a lament that the Founders’

Third Kavanaugh accuser’s accusations riddled with holes

The latest allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are so thin and implausible, they would make Sabrina Rubin Erdely blush.

Mark Zuckerberg just proved he has no clue how to fix Facebook

The most important piece of business journalism published last week was a 14,000-word article in the New Yorker titled “The

Kavanaugh accuser’s memory could be wrong

Researcher William Hirst, of the New School for Social Research, conducted a long-term study of the memories of victims of th

How 9/11 changed my generation

My earliest memory is watching the South Tower come down on our basement TV — at age 3. We lived just outside Washington, D

Trump better take advantage of Obama’s underwhelming return

With Hillary Clinton already part of the midterm scrum, Barack Obama’s entry last Friday shows the old band is getting back

Democrats wage a losing battle over Kavanaugh

Many media descriptions of Tuesday’s hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court called the event “

Trump is pushing the Middle East to face reality in Palestine

In a blow to decades of myth-based policy, Team Trump last week cut all US funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Age

These are the real scandals plaguing our country

Not so long ago, editors and reporters dreaded the dog days of August because news took a vacation. Now the news never stops.

The Democrats’ strategy to regain power

It’s hard to believe that a man who was just a state senator from Illinois only 14 years ago is now a two-term ex-president

Blaming Big Pharma won’t fix the opioid crisis

Money-grabbing politicians looking to cover the whopping costs of the opioid crisis are filing over a thousand lawsuits again

New York City’s booming economy is bad news for the far left

Mother always said it’s not nice to laugh while others cry, but there are exceptions. One is on display now in New York.

Assad’s ties to ISIS are another reason US troops need to stay

A Daily Beast report last week on the horrors of a recent ISIS attack in Syria, and the Assad regime and Russia’s suspected

The razor-tight Ohio election’s lessons for the GOP

Ohio Squeaker’s Crucial Lessons for GOP Republican Troy Balderson’s apparent one-point win in Tuesday’s special congres

Facebook’s latest move is ominous for free speech and other commentary

Tech beat: Facebook’s Move Is Ominous for Free Speech Facebook announced it shut down a couple dozen accounts, pages or pro