Megan McArdle

Megan McArdle is a journalist and blogger based in Washington, D.C.. She writes mostly about economics, finance and government policy from a libertarian perspective.

Sorry, Blue States: You Can’t Change the Tax Bill

In the end, federal deductibility changes maybe simply force New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to cut their rates to compe

Silicon Valley Will Pay the Price for Its Lefty Leanings

James Damore is gone from Google. But he will not soon be forgotten. He’s joined with a conservative lawyer to bring a clas

Soaring Premiums Mean Soaring Risks for Obamacare

Anyone healthy is going to think twice before paying premiums that are up, say, 70 percent. So the exchanges will be left wit

The FDA Needs This Nudge to Speed Along New Drugs

The FDA has a tendency to ratchet up what it demands of pharmaceutical firms, in ways that slow drug development, or in the w

Berkeley Once Stood for Free Speech. Now It Rolls Over.

Administrators could provide enough security when conservative speakers are invited. They choose not to.

The Once and Future Obamacare Death Spiral

Is Obamacare in the infamous “death spiral”? Paul Ryan says it is. The Obama administration, on the other hand, is toutin

The Left’s Doomed Effort to Coerce the Right

A witch hunt against HGTV co-hosts and their pastor? No good will come of this.

Anthem Threat Highlights Obamacare’s Big Test

Are the latest premium increases a correction or a trend? For insurers and consumers, the stakes are huge.

Health Care Is a Business, Not a Right

Even nationalized systems have to decide what is worth paying for and how much to pay.

Who’s Gaming Obamacare? Better to Ask: Who Isn’t?

The latest ominous theory for the health-care law is that doctors are shifting the sickest Medicaid patients onto the Obamaca

Clinton’s College Plan Flunks the Economics Test

A "Sanders lite" proposal to make college more affordable for some students would break the budget. Why not figure out how

Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up. Again. Now What?

The middle ground between affordability and profit remains elusive.

Global-Warming Alarmists, You’re Doing It Wrong

The deniers are too. There's a better way to argue.

Oops! Obamacare Runs Afoul of the Constitution

The administration has been spending money that Congress didn't allocate. That's a dangerous precedent.