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Obama Has Lost In The Supreme Court More Than Any Modern President

Each year, Supreme Court reporters and legal pundits devise a “theme” for the term just ended. They try to connect dispar

Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Don’t Have An ‘Optics’ Problem, They Have A Corruption Problem

Attorney General Loretta Lynch tells us that her meeting with Bill Clinton aboard a private jet on the Phoenix airport’s

Americans Are Losing Confidence In The Supreme Court

Americans are beginning to lose confidence in the Supreme Court. Traditionally, the court has been unique among our political

Liberals Shouldn’t Complain About ‘Paranoia And Fear.’ They Perfected It.

One my favorite panicky post-Brexit talking points comes from liberals who feel the need to warn Americans about the hazards

Why Americans Shouldn’t Freak Out About Brexit

There is only one proper, appropriate, and fruitful response to Brexit, and that is to chill. But deep—or not so deep—ins

The Persistence Of Washington Delusion

Jonathan Rauch has a cover story in The Atlantic – “How American Politics Went Insane” – which is getting positive li

Do Democrats Care About The Constitution Anymore? It Sure Doesn’t Look Like It

Not long ago, I met up with a progressive writer from a well-known liberal outlet to discuss democracy. At one point, he tol

There’s No Way Hillary Is More Conservative Than Trump

Lying about Donald Trump has become an Olympic sport. Like the quadrennial games, strident anti-Trumpism comes with shady fin

By Rejecting ‘Radical Islam,’ Obama Substitutes Political Correctness For Reality

After a meeting with the National Security Council to discuss the Orlando massacre, the deadliest mass shooting in American h

Hillary: People Under FBI Investigation Should Lose Constitutional Rights

If something horrifying happens, we must ignore due process and deny Americans their rights. To be safe. That’s exactly the