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What Conservatives Think of Top Contenders and Wild Cards for Trump’s Next Chief of Staff

Some seasoned conservatives wonder if President Donald Trump’s choice of a chief of staff actually matters, and they sugges

Right Side of History: Meet the Man Who Made the Supreme Court

“The Right Side of History” is a podcast dedicated to exploring current events through a historical lens and busting left

How Trump Can Get Over the 50% Hump

President Donald Trump’s challenges are not really his economic policies and foreign affairs agendas. For the most part, th

Ivanka Trump Sees ‘No Equivalency’ With Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email

Ivanka Trump, elder daughter and senior adviser of President Donald Trump, broke her silence Wednesday on the controversy s

Media Misses: How Leftists and Pundits Got It Wrong on the Economy

The media gets it wrong more times than not. But perhaps their biggest “miss” was predicting that the economy couldn’t

Media Misses: Coverage of Melania vs. Michelle

This week we examine the media coverage of current first lady Melania Trump and former first lady Michelle Obama. We’re ded

A Replay of 2000? Florida Recount Stirs Concerns.

MIAMI — Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., had the best line when it comes to the latest Florida election in which contests for gove

What Exit Polling Data Shows Voters Really Cared About

What did the election results really say about how the country views President Donald Trump? What issues do voters actually c

Trump Scolds Russia on Nukes, Promises 10% Tax Cut

President Donald Trump admonished Russia on Monday for not adhering to a Reagan-era treaty on reducing nuclear weapons, then

Killing the Electoral College Would Alienate Half the Country

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, seeking to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District, has called for

ACORN Veterans Among Those Harassing Public Officials in Kavanaugh Fight

Remember ACORN? The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010 after a seri

Right Side of History: How Reagan and Now Trump Turned the Tables on the Media

“The Right Side of History” is a podcast dedicated to exploring current events through a historical lens and busting left

America Has a Colorful History of Populists. What Does It Mean for Trump in 2020?

Chris Stirewalt is the politics editor for Fox News Channel and author of the new book “Every Man a King: A Short, Colorful

Anonymous New York Times Author Proves the Deep State Is Real, and Dangerous

When Republicans lost the 1856 election, Abraham Lincoln had a sober message: “Whoever can change public opinion, can chang

6 Denials of Claims in Woodward’s Trump Book Before Its Release

Denials and denunciations stacked up days before the formal release Tuesday of legendary investigative reporter Bob Woodward

6 Key Moments From Social Media Hearings

On Capitol Hill Wednesday, Facebook’s chief operating officer and Twitter’s CEO testified about foreign entities and the

Nike Boycott Over Kaepernick Ads Demonstrates Yearning for Patriotism

The National Football League just can’t escape the ugly politics of 2018. One of the world’s largest sports apparel compa

This Ohio County Swung From Obama to Trump. Here’s What They Think, 2 Years Later.

Attendees of this 169-year-old Ohio county fair don’t come out to see politicians and politics aren’t on the forefront of

Senate Ramping Up Trump Judicial Confirmations This Week

Since March, Senate Democrats have forced 30 hours of debate on each of five of President Donald Trump’s federal district c

The Legacy of John McCain

A lot will be said in the coming days about John McCain and his place among a pantheon of American heroes. It will all be ver

Some Conservatives Want to Repeal the 17th Amendment. Here’s Why They’re Misguided.

Repealing the 17th Amendment, which would end the direct election of U.S. senators and return the power of appointing senato

Trump Yanks Former CIA Director’s Security Clearance, Ponders Others

President Donald Trump has stripped former CIA Director John Brennan of his security clearance, blocking a harsh critic’s c

Media Misses: Op-Ed Suggests Being in Media Similar to Serving in Military

This week, the conspiracy website Infowars, which is run by Alex Jones, was either “banned” or had content stripped from

Censorship of Infowars Exposes Larger Problem of Silicon Valley Bias

This week, the conspiracy website Infowars, which is run by Alex Jones, was either “banned” or had content stripped from

One Year After He Was Nearly Killed, Scalise Is Still Receiving Assassination Threats

A man who promised to put some “lead” into House Minority Whip Steve Scalise was arrested and charged Thursday with inter