Facebook’s 20,000 Content Reviewers Bring ‘Bias to Work’

Congresswoman argues that lawmaker should consider “guardrails” to prevent content that might offend certain people for political reasons from being blocked. (more...)

With marijuana on way to legalization, what vice could be next?

Four years ago, I decided to fix Atlantic City’s problems. So I suggested in this column that marijuana be legalized along the boardwalk as a gimmick to draw customers to the quickly fading resort. I’ve always been in favor of medical (more...)

Iranian Military Leaders Vow to ‘Annihilate’ Israel

Military leaders in Iran threatened to “annihilate” Israel in remarks made over the weekend as tensions between the two countries increase over the ongoing civil war in Syria. Abdolrahim Mousavi, the head (more...)

Bernie’s Next Idea? Guarantee Everyone a Job at $15 an Hour

When it comes to government spending, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) isn't one to hold back. During the 2016 campaign, Sanders pushed for the government to guarantee free health care and free college education. Now, he reportedly wants (more...)

Flight records show Trump spent night in Russia, contradicting what he told Comey: report

President Trump spent the night in Moscow the night before the Miss Universe contest in November 2013, contradicting what he told former FBI Director James Comey.Flight records of Trump's trip... (more...)

Republicans Push for Vote to Make Tax Cuts Permanent

“I don’t believe we should rest on our laurels," said Cruz. "We accomplished a great deal in 2017 but we need to keep moving forward in 2018 and do more." (more...)

Nikki Haley Snaps at Kudlow on Russia Sanctions: ‘I Don’t Get Confused’

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley took a swift shot at chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow on Tuesday afternoon, after he commented on her Sunday claim that (more...)

Trump wants loophole closed after Gorsuch casts decisive vote in immigration case

President Trump on Tuesday called on Congress to pass stricter immigration laws after Justice Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote in the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision that ... (more...)

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Fox News Addresses Future of Sean Hannity After It’s Revealed That He’s Cohen’s Third Client

On Monday, it was revealed according to reports that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, previously represented Fox News host Sean Hannity.  After Cohen's office, home, and hotel room were raided (more...)

The NY Times Best-Seller List: Another Reason Americans Don’t Trust the Media

About half the American people do not believe the mainstream media tell the truth. They believe the media are more interested in promoting their left-wing views than reporting the truth. Here is but one more example: (more...)

Nancy Pelosi: Trump Acted ‘Above the Law’ in Syria Strike

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters in San Francisco on Sunday that President Donald Trump had behaved as if he were “above the law” in ordering precision strikes on Friday targeting Syrian dictator (more...)

Comey paints far worse picture of himself than Trump with publicity

The former FBI director continues to commit the very violations that led to calls for his firing. (more...)

Comey’s no hero, and, why the left backs Hamas

Charles Pierce sees some parallels between James Comey and former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover on the lurid tales of the Steele dossier. Writing at Esquire, Pierce reminds readers that Hoover essentially blackmailed President (more...)

Iowa Joins States Preemptively Moving Against Sanctuary Cities

Even though South Carolina, like Iowa, doesn’t have any sanctuary cities yet, the state Senate passed a budget amendment Thursday that would require municipalities prove to the State Tax Division, annually, that they are not (more...)

Partisanship Aside: Democrats and Republicans Offer Support to ‘Special Lady’ Barbara Bush

Democrats and Republicans broke down the political divide to offer support to the Bush family after spokesman Jim McGrath announced former first lady Barbara Bush's health was failing and she will not seek medical treatment. (more...)

White House About to Unveil New Presidential Limousine — Here’s a Sneak Peek

President Donald Trump is about to get a new fleet of cars as an update to the ones that former President Barack Obama got in 2009. According to Fox News, the new vehicles could become operational by late summer of 2018. The Cadillac (more...)

Ryan rebuffs calls that he make a speedier exit

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday he's not going anywhere anytime soon - despite a very small band of lawmakers who say he should relinquish the Speaker's gavel now.A day after he announced he'll leave Congress (more...)

Mark Zuckerberg Admitted Facebook ‘Subjective in How They Manipulate’ to Censor Conservatives

Blackburn described Zuckerberg as unprepared to discuss certain issues during his testimony. She said, “One of the things that struck me was that [Mark Zuckerberg] seemed really unprepared on issues of legislation, about the Federal (more...)

Former Obama Defense, CIA Chief: U.S. Has Really Never Had a Strategy on Syria

U.S. "reactive to the moment and to the crisis without thinking about what is our strategy in Syria, and as a result of that we've been somewhat ambivalent about how to handle that chaos," says Panetta. (more...)

Zuckerberg totally outfoxed Congress

So Mark Zuckerberg went up to Capitol Hill this week, and while he didn’t storm and loot and pillage the place, he pretty much won whatever misconceived battles the House and Senate wished to wage against him and Facebook. The (more...)

Trump: Washington Post report on John Kelly ‘just another hit job’

President Trump on Sunday ripped The Washington Post, calling the newspaper "fiction" and an article detailing White House chief of staff John Kelly's decreased power "another hit job.""The Washington Post is far (more...)

What to watch for when Zuckerberg testifies before Congress

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress for the first time, answering questions about how his company protects its users’ privacy and data. Let’s hope the hearings produce more light than heat (more...)

Maxine Waters: Trump’s Taking it Out on CA Because He Didn’t Win CA and is ‘Vindictive’

During Saturday’s “AM Joy” on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said she thought President Donald Trump was being “vindictive” and “taking it out” on California with his policy because he did not win there. (more...)

Trump Calls Out DOJ for ‘Stalling’ Release of Documents on Comey, Clinton, and Others

On Saturday, President Donald Trump called out the Justice Department after it missed a Thursday deadline for handing over unredacted documents on former officials. (more...)

House Conservative: Trade War Risks Being a Jimmy Carter Policy Mistake

"We saw what happened to the economy here in the United States when Jimmy Carter on Jan. 4, 1980, embargoed the grain that was exported then to the Soviet Union," says Iowa Rep. King. (more...)