Here Are The Democrats Using The Leaked Opinion As An Excuse To Demand Court-Packing

Democrats will do everything in their power, including destroying the American judicial system, to get their way. (more...)

Biden’s New Press Secretary in a Domestic Partnership with CNN Anchor

President Joe Biden’s newly tapped press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is in a domestic partnership with CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux, further illustrating the extent of the White House’s incestuous relationship with (more...)

Democrats ‘Hate Clarence Thomas Because He’s a Black Conservative’

Democrats “hate” Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “because he’s a black conservative who has never bowed to their view of what a black man should think,” said Mark Paoletta, former general counsel to the Office of Management (more...)

Emails Surface More Evidence Hillary Clinton Paid For Anti-Trump Disinformation Operation

This fact highlights Democrats’ outrageous exploitation of intelligence credentials and connections to launder slanders against a political enemy. (more...)

Nolte: Hunter Biden to Brother’s Widow After Affair — ‘Get Tested for HIV’

The “smartest man” His Fraudulency Joe Biden knows had an affair with his brother’s widow and then urged her to get tested for HIV. The New York Post reports that Hunter Biden was desperately insisting his brother’s widow (more...)

Why the Media’s Moral Panic Around Ukraine Failed to Reboot Biden’s Presidency

The moment Russia invaded Ukraine, the White House, Democrats, and the corporate media saw an opportunity to gaslight the American people into a reboot of His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s presidency. This campaign has fired utterly and entire (more...)

Did Elon Musk Just Bend A Knee To Twitter Or Is He Planning Something Bigger?

Elon Musk is no longer joining Twitter's board of directors but that doesn't mean he's giving up on reforming the tyrannical tech giant. (more...)

How The Biden Administration Is Aiding And Abetting The Biggest Border Fraud In U.S. History

The Biden administration will soon remove the last serious speed bump to an open border, opening the floodgates to mass asylum fraud. (more...)

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Washington Post: Use Immigrants to Cut Americans’ Wages

Americans are finally winning higher wages because wealthy investors are trying to create more profit-generating jobs in an economy with few unemployed workers, the Washington Post’s editorial board admitted on April 5. So the governme (more...)

Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock in Tight Georgia Senate Race

Republican Herschel Walker holds a narrow lead over incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in a hypothetical matchup in the race for U.S. Senate in Georgia, according to a poll published Wednesday. The poll, taken by Emerson Colleg (more...)

When Will Big Tech, Big Media Apologize for Lying About, Censoring Hunter Biden Story?

President Joe Biden says he never talked business with his son. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe that Ukrainian gas company paid Hunter Biden half-a-million dollars because he has unique business skills that no one else noticed. It’s possible. Bu (more...)

Ron Johnson on Hunter Biden Laptop: ‘Media’s Being Caught in a Cover-Up’

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on Sunday weighed in on major media outlets confirming the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s recovered laptop and emails revealing his business dealings. Johnson told Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futur (more...)

U.S. Senators Reveal CCP-Controlled Company Funneled Millions To Biden Family To Represent ‘Spy Chief Of China’

Americans must 'seriously consider the implications [of] the Biden family’s vast web of foreign financial entanglements' on national security. (more...)

Elise Stefanik Endorses David McCormick in Pennsylvania Senate Primary

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) weighed in on the U.S. Senate primary race in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, declaring her endorsement for Republican businessman David McCormick, one of the race’s frontrunning candidates. Stefanik, the House GOP (more...)

The Attacks On Clarence And Ginni Thomas Are Merely Latest In A Decades-Long Smear Campaign

Not only are the attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni purely political, they're deeply hypocritical. (more...)

Teachers Union Will Force L.A. Kids to Wear Masks Even as Mandate Ends

The United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) union will compel children in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to continue wearing masks to school Monday even as the county’s mask mandate expires and other districts will drop masks. (more...)

New polling confirms Democrats’ left-leaning policies are out of touch

In order to have a fighting chance in the midterms - as well as a shot at holding onto the presidency in 2024 - Democrats need to embark on a broader course correction back to the center. (more...)

Politico: Ukraine War Helps Democrats Divert Attention from Unpopular ‘Culture Wars’

The Ukraine war is good news for Democrats because it distracts from their unpopular domestic issues, an article in Politico magazine argues. “Dems catch a break from the culture wars: War in Ukraine and the domestic economic fallout ha (more...)

National Gas Price Average Reaches $4 per Gallon for First Time Since 2008

The national average price for a gallon of gas has skyrocketed to $4.00 – the highest national average in nearly 14 years. The $4.00 national average is a 40 cent jump from last week and a 57 cent increase from just a month ago (more&hell (more...)

Efforts to decimate Russian economy threaten to boomerang

Efforts to decimate Russia's economy to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine could have serious and unpredictable implications at home for the U.S. and its allies.The Russian economy has begun to crumble after... (more...)

Joe Biden’s Plan to Defeat Inflation: ‘Lower Your Costs’

President Joe Biden said his plan to fight inflation is to “lower your costs, not your wages,” during his first State of the Union address on Tuesday. After Biden and his advisers pretended for months that inflation would be “transito (more...)

WATCH: Bizarre Pelosi Rubs Hands in Glee as Biden Speaks of Troops Breathing in Toxic Smoke

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in a bizarre display during President Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address, stood up and awkwardly rubbed her hands in glee as the president spoke about the dangers American troops have (more...)

17 Absurd Lies Biden Told During His State Of The Union Speech

Biden tried to downplay his plummeting approval but instead offered a speech riddled with falsehoods and contradictions. (more…) (more...)

Dems jolted by senator’s stroke, majority status

Through his office, Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) on Tuesday disclosed that he suffered a stroke on Thursday last week and underwent “decompressive surgery to ease swelling” in his brain. According to (more…) (more...)

Youngkin Governs For Parents Who Say: Get Away From Our Kids, You Freaks

Republican officials should follow Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s lead and solidify the GOP as the party of parents. (more…) (more...)